Quality Standards

Future products are conformed to BS Standards. The threaded fittings will be manufactured and shall comply the requirements with BS 21.

Our strength being our products, strict quality control tests are conducted ensuring superior quality products at all levels.
The products has been certified and approved by: Ministry of Agriculture, Ministry of Education, ministry of Housing, Electricity & Water, Ministry of Regional Municipality & Water Resources (Dir: General of Technical affairs), Sultan Qaboos University, Muscat Municipality Department of Landscaping &Public task, Ministry of Regional Municipality Environment.

Working Pressure

Depending upon the bore sizes, our fittings are made for permissible continuous working pressure at 20◦c (based on the quality of the water) up to a maximum of 15 bars. 


1. The products manufactured by Future Plastics are suitable for various out-door as well as domestic applications.
2. Landscaping and Irrigation
3. Horticulture and Green House
4. Water treatment plants
5. Plumbing & Potable water supply
6. Swimming pools
7. Chemicals Plants
8. Construction & Air conditioning piping
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